Sunday, March 14, 2010

We have arrived.

We wanted to let friends and family know that we've arrived safely, and we are settling into our new apartment. We love it. The kittehs are quite curious about the new digs. They aren't used to traveling, so we had to semi-sedate them; I'm not sure if they are entirely lucid yet.

Our "unaccompanied air baggage" (those items that were sent here by air for our stay in Falls Church) has miraculously already arrived in town and will be delivered to the apartment on Monday. As we were unpacking the car, I was amused by the particular items we felt that we couldn't live without for a few days: my Kitchen Aid, both of our laptops, my Peanuts wall calendar, allergy medication, five of my favorite books, and a bottle of Marie Sharp's Habeñero sauce. I would've also packed all of my art supplies, at least one whole box of books, and all of my shoes if Ryan had not talked me out of it--I'm sure the cats would've been perfectly happy on the roof of the car, but I suppose I can hold out until tomorrow on those items. Ryan only packed clothes and a laptop. I suppose that makes me high maintenance? I'm happy to be so.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


We're completely moved out of our old home (b'bye beautiful house), and are technically homeless until Saturday. The excitement of moving into our new place in DC is diminished a bit by all of the sad goodbyes. Although we know we'll be seeing everyone again, it's always a bit harder to leave not knowing when that next meeting will be. We are both exhausted from the pack-out and all of the business of moving, and I don't expect to have the energy for blogging again until Ryan's new position has begun. Happy trails!