Sunday, January 31, 2010

Giving away our old life.

First things come first in getting ready for our new life; we have to downsize from all of our humongous furniture to pretty much nothing at all. We don't want to store any of our furniture, so we are giving these pieces to whomever raises their hand first. If you are interested in any of this furniture and you live in the Boone/West Jefferson/Jefferson area of NC, feel free to contact us. You will need to pick up these items at our house, as we have no truck to transport in. So goes the list:

Bedroom suite: Bedframe, headboard, and footboard; Dresser w/mirror; Chest of drawers. All of these pieces are in well-used condition with multiple cat scratches, but no real structural damage. They would make a good refinishing project. We bought these as a set eight years ago, and would like for them to stay together, but if no one asks for all three, we may consider dividing them.

Folding love-seat/futon: Very small, very thin cushion, might be ideal for a dorm room or college apartment. Cushion could use re-upholstering. We got this at the re-store, and heaven only knows how old it is.

Retro rocking chair: I love this chair; it's a cushy, orange, retro-patterned armchair rocker. I'm sure it was made in the 70s, but it is in great condition. There will be tears when parting with this.

Sectional couch with ottoman: We bought these four years ago, as a mismatched set. One section is Black and the other is Red/Orange with a Red/Orange ottoman. Our cats have truly loved the ottoman (tiny patches of wear on the surface) but the sections are in fairly good condition.

Tall Kitchen Table with four chairs: These were bought at the same time as the couch set. The table is bar-height, but full-sized and has a pull-out leaf. It does have some cat scratches and a few spots of gesso (I'm a messy painter).

Desk and Table: These were purchased from a thrift store a few months ago and are in questionable condition. They do match, though, and the desk is quite sizable.

Three standard bookshelves: These are wal-mart style and are all over 5 years old, so...don't expect much. But, they are functional.

Update (one hour later): We've already promised the bedroom suite, table and chairs, the sectional w/ottoman, and the desk and table. This stuff's going fast.

Update (next morning): Everything has been spoken for except the dinky old futon and my retro chair (which I've decided to keep and have shipped over-seas). Thanks to everyone for their quick responses.


  1. We can use the dresser, chest of drawers, sectional w/ottoman (I'm debating this with Jesse. Our stuff is so broken I don't care if it matches our stuff.) The desk and table would be good, too, probly. If I can just enlist dad's truck, we'll take yer stuff. I'd rather you just stayed here, but if you have to go, we'll give it a good home.